Mourning Dove Press will host a series of free public lectures starting in Autumn, 2013.

We will be posting event notices here. However – to receive advance, priority invitations to these special events for authors, for business owners, and for entrepreneurs – join us now using the Opt-In form below.

The most crucial challenge is finding “true north”: Finding a consistent direction that will lead you – the author/entrepreneur/self-employed professional – out of the “Valley of Death” (what Sun Tzu called “Death Ground”), and into your realm of success, stability, and prosperity.

This is possible. There is a strategy.

This strategy will be the subject of upcoming free public lectures.

Join me – “Opt-In” using the form to the right. Mourning Dove Press will give you a “heads-up” when the next events will be held. Attend these free events to learn the next strategic step that will help you find your own personal “true north” – successfully survive your own “Valley of Death” – and create a strong, stable, consistent strategy that will minimize worry, relieve stress, and bring the most profitable clients to you to join your own “inner circle”!

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